defining futurism
in real estate

Hodara Real Estate Group is an investment and development
company focused on building futuristic apartments.


About Hodara

Hodara Real Estate Group is a real estate development company owned by Alex Hodara. Hodara designs each of his properties with one question in mind: how can he improve the way his tenants live? By constantly challenging himself with this question, he has developed innovative properties that boast a consistent 100% occupancy rate, and have lead him to be featured in Forbes Magazine, CNBC, and Businessweek to name a few publications. 

Whether it is the granite rooftop summer kitchen on Pontiac Street, built-in flat screen TV and iPod doc in the open kitchen/living room of 110 Chester Street, or the travertine marble bathrooms in Parker Hill Avenue, Hodara Properties is constantly putting their rental properties ahead of the competition.

The mission of Hodara Properties is to have the highest tenant satisfaction by developing and managing properties that go above and beyond tenants' expectations. With a focus fusing comfort, technology and contemporary design, Hodara keeps tenants happy while improving the community.  

A real estate group passionate
 about futuristic development


The pins below represent the properties we have developed or are in the process of developing.

Everett Street
What's cool about this property? It is the FIRST building in the world to come with a 3D Printer

Chester Street
What's cool about this property? One bathroom has a built in iPod doc with speakers and the other one has a built in TV.

Some Other of Our Favorite Property Transformations


Changing the image of
 Real Estate Professionals


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